Q1: Can you present the overview of the vision and the path that the project will take?

Realbox (REB) is a blockchain-driven real estate platform designed to Democratizing the real estate markets by reinventing the concept of real estate ownership.Our mission is to make real estate investments more accessible,reliable and flexible to everyone.To consistently deliver real estate investment out-performance to our Investors by remaining at the forefront of real estate investment management science achieved through relentless pursuit of innovation in investment practice, risk management and risk mitigate.With a fully intergrated set of fractional ownership features, we bring together everything that required to build solutions for the listing and trading of real asset-backed tokens.Realbox’s products power fractional ownership for homeowners, property developers, small to medium bussinesses, investment funds and pooled capital, and everything in between.Our plan to make such vision a reality is to create a complete and adaptive platform that is capable of satisfying users in both Crypto and real estate markets.We believe that the solutions offered by Realbox shall innovate the traditional concepts and ideas on real estate: it is much easier, more profitable and more flexible with Blockchain adaptation.

Q2: At the moment, who is in your team, also how are you coordinating and working together? Can you tell us more about the project’s strategic partners and advisors?

Our team members are experts in the real estate market, they also have many years of experience in technologies and stock exchange as we saw, we learnt from other forerunners to bring The REALBOX out to the world with the desire for a reliable, long-term store of value.Right now, we are really having fun and passion about the project. Not to mention all of the hours working overtime to meet the deadlines.We ensure that we will never stop working and developing this project until it becomes the best real estate NFT project out there.Our advisors are Phong Dao, has over 17 years of working experience in business law practices, and Mr. Vo Tran Dinh Hieu is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Vietnam Innovation Startup Accelerator (VIISA), as well as Deputy Director of Dragon Capital Investment Fund and co-founder of Fintech Club of Vietnam.Also, we have Mr. Ly Qui Trung, an experienced entrepreneur, CEO and successful start-up founder with over 25 years of experience in the field of Retail and Food & Beverage. In 2003, Ly Qui Trung co-founded Pho24 restaurant chain that had 70 outlets in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia during its peak time.And Duc Quang Nguyen, one of the founders of the SBD technology corporation, Mr Nguyen has been instrumental in the creation and subsequent establishment of the company’s vision, operation and success.Then I want to shortly introduce:
CEO Alex Pham — PHD
CFO Tim Do — Tech entrepreneur, Co-founder of FINA, Director of Sen Capital, Digital and Innovation Venture Lead in KPMG Australia, Many years of experience in finance, property and technology.
Peter Hoang Nguyen — CTO: As an experienced programmer, Founder of many successful startups, Peter had also an early participant in the crypto market (2016) having joined the Product team lead at Remitano.
Tai Tat Ta — Head of Blockchain Development
Minh Loi Hang — COO
Katherine Nguyen — CMO
Well, that’s a long list, all of the names united as we want to apply blockchain for creating a sustainable grownth for the market. You may see more of our members here :
Finally, we are honored to have many amazing and wholehearted partners being side by side with us on this journey. A moment of our appreciation to Coincu, FINA, elisoft, Remitano, investpush legal, SENcapital, Nam PROPERTY,… and a lot of other partners that have been supporting the project with theire full force!

Q3: What are the products and services that your project will provide? Can you elaborate on the Tokenomic of the project? And how is it fractionating?

Our products include:

1. Tokenization Platform : facilitates the conversion of real estate into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) before tokenizing them into security tokens that are backed by real physical assets.
2. Marketplace: that facilitates the trading of asset-backed tokens (security tokens) including real estates and other real, physical assets. The exchange increases the tradability and liquidity of the security tokens.
3. Smart Invest roboadvisor: that is an automated, algorithm-driven platform enabled by AI to help investors select the best investment opportunities based on their risk and return profile.
4. Real Estate Metaverse where Realbox facilitates the creating, buying, and selling of virtual property along with a full suite of services that are provided by the Realbox ecosystem
5. Asset Management services including property management, building operations and maintenance, facilities management, lease administration, property accounting and financial reporting, contract management and construction management
6. Investment Management services including real estate analysis, asset selection, monitoring of existing investments, as well as portfolio strategy and implementation.
All of such products and services were designed with the ultimate goal of simplifying user experience with hi-tech real estate activities while maximizing their profit from the minimum fund. The idea is: no matter if you are new to either real estate or Crypto, Realbox shall give you all the assistance you might need.
To have a better understanding of our platform and its operation, you may check out this video

Q4: Can you explain more about how REB tonkenize Real Assets

All Real estates owners shall register and digitalize their assets information at our centers.After thorough inspection, the qualified real estate facilities shall be stored in a vault contract digitally and appear on our platform.In Realbox’s approach, real estate is an NFT or a real estate portfolio is a collection of NFTs, is stored in a vault contract. This is fragmented into sub-units by issuing BEP20 tokens (fungible tokens) which represent the ownership of the vault.Realbox’s new revolution concept provides the flexibility of buying a fraction or share of real estate from as little as $100. The new solution to offer co-ownership of real estate by fractionalizing NFTs is the key strategy for Realbox to create a new highly active and efficient real estate market.The Ultility token — REB: is the native utility token of the Realbox platform.REB is used to pay for service fees in the Realbox ecosystem including listing, subscription, transaction, borrowing fees and paying dividend etc. To be able to buy Security tokens, investors need to become a member of the Realbox by holding a certain amount of REB, the utility token.Us Realbox offers various membership packages based on the number of REB held by the investor. Security Token represents a tokenized share of a property and entitles its holder to a share of profits in the property. The property could be an individual property or a portfolio of properties.

Q5: What is your marketing strategies and programs that you are planning to attract new users?

As we’re a global investment platform, the bulk of our marketing activities will be in international communities.We have recruited a highly capable international marketing team, as well as utilizing KOLs in countries with large user bases such as Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brazil, and many more.We are being mentioned across over 200 international news outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Insider, etc… and we are holding AMA, airdrop events, etc…With current public interest and motion toward our project, we believe that our solution shall change the way people perceive real estates traditionally. This stage of inovating traditional real estate is the foundation for our ambitious Metaverse where the community can enjoy the freedom of purchasing real assets.


Question 1: What makes your marketplace differentiate from others?

We are one of the first marketplaces specializing in real estate based tokens.Our marketplace offers security and significant potential for growth whilst maintaining strong stability as the tokens are backed by real assets.Futhermore, while most projects of the same kind face various legal issues when combining blockchain with realestate, our high-credibility team and advisors have already done all preparations for our product completion.

Question 2: What are the use cases of $REB token in your platform? What are your plan to increase the adoption of $REB token?

REB tokens can be use as:
1. Subscription fees
2. Transaction fees
3. Advertising/promotion fees
4. Listing fees
5. Paying dividend
6. Borrowing fees
7. Assets selling fees
and much more
We shall focus on completing and perfecting our products to give users the best user experience. The more users we have, the wider the adoption of REB token. We believe that this shall be the best way to create a sustainable growth for Realbox
For more reference, please visit our project via:

Question 3: Your project is not only interesting but also important, but it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What marketing strategies do you have planned to increase the validity of your brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project?

People thought to acquire traffic on website, increase members subcribe, follow on social channel… can increase the validity a brandname. However, the question is about the quality of that traffic, follower.In Realbox, we care in acquire people who care/interest in real estate or crypto invesment or just diversify their investment portfolio… to join & discuss with us.At Realbox, we are working hard days by days to give the best in class marketplace for investor by partner with Remitano, Nam Property, Fina, Sen Capital, Coincu… and many others partner with be public soon.We still welcome new partner then if you want to go with Realbox for long term and have a plan to corperate to level up our platform, don’t hestiate to contact us now 😉

Question 4: Partners play an important role in the development of the project. Do you have any strategic partnerships that are backing your project?

Our partners include some of the largest property developers, real estate agencies, and financial institutions in Vietnam, Australia, Dubai, Europe and the USA.Some of the names are Coincu, Remitano, FINA, Nam Property, Sen Capital, etc

Question 5: How many Ventures and Investors cared about this project in the previous private sales?

We were very grateful that the project was well received by ventures and investors. There are more and more partners that took an interest in our project, which is the best motivation for us at the moment.Our last rounds were overbooked, with large investors such as Remitano, Coincu and so on!You can find more about our Partnerships and Investors here:


IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?❤️❤️❤️

On the contrary, our project is designed to turn all small investors elite investors. Realbox’s new revolution concept provides the flexibility of buying a fraction or share of real estate from as little as $100 The new solution to offer co-ownership of real estate by fractionalizing NFTs is the key strategy for Realbox to create a new highly active and efficient real estate market.

Currently, most project and platforms are in English. What will non-English local communities do? Do you have a plan to better understand your project?

Curently we’re focusing on developing our product, but we’re very open and looking forward to expand our community! I hope that we will have a lot of local communities in the furture.

Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

→ The project aims to create an ecosystem for real estate tokenization, bring together a solid combined experience in real estate development, fund management and blockchain technology. The project is the beginning of a new way to invest, own and connect to our existing and future tangible assets.
Through the concept of asset tokenization, all types of investors will now be able to take part in the real estate market.

I want to know about you Pre_sale,, IDO etc… When and where It will start?? How i can know your Daily updates??

Our Presale had 2 rounds. The first one was done in 12–2021
REalbox raised 1 million $ in the first pre-sale
We are currently on round 2. In this round, we target to approach Pacific ventures and the total raised from the 2nd private sale is expected to be 3 million USD
Our IDO will be organized in 28/3 — which is the large public sale that we think investors should not miss
The Number of Token releases is 20,000,000 . First come first serve >:p<
Our expected price is REB =0.05$ in the IDO round and specially, due to the limited token that be released, we set 100% release at TGE for IDO round
To have daily updates please follow Realbox at
Website ( | Linkedin ( | Telegram ( | Youtube ( | Facebook ( | Twitter (

Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

We would love introducing to everyone our 02 NFT activities that are predicted to be very hot in the first and second quarters of 2022.First, We are working on NFT avatar collection specifically designed by Realbox as a tribute to the investors who have supported Realbox from the first days. These avatars will be valuable and can be exchangeable when Realbox launches the market place. The number of avatars in the collection is expected to be 200 productsNext, we will launch a NFT real estate with a big project that located in Australia. This is the first activity of real estate property ownership decentralization.Currently, Realbox’s team has completed the procedures for the legality of real property. We can not announce more information about that land yet but it is expected to be start in April — 1 month after the IDO!!Dont miss it !! From now on, we aim for a future of real estate without geographical barriers and financial issues !Here is the end of our AMA today.I would like to reveal that we have a series of airdrop and bounty programs in the next month with a total prize value of up to 3000 $ !!!!🤩🤩 The First one will be announced at the end of this month.


Follow REALBOX here for latest updates;




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