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Date : 18th February 2022

Time : 12:00 PM UTC


Q1)Please tell us about yourselves and your team ?And can you Share your experience in crypto.

To give you guys a brief,

We’re a team of 35+ individuals from all over the world with expertise in tech, gaming, crypto & NFTs

Our game studio- BornMonkie has been actively making games over the past 5 years. We have built over 25 games played by 50M+ globally. Our CEO Vk Samhith published his first game when he was 12 years old. Also made games which currently serves reputed platforms such as MPL, paytm games, JIO tesseract, WINZO etc

Some of us can proudly call ourselves early adopters, we’ve been in the space for a while, seen the highs and the lows….but we’ve hung in there because wagmi.

This space has changed our lives and transitioning from consumers to creators was a natural next step!

Q2)Can you briefly describe what is ‘NEKOTOPIA’ ?We would like to know more about it and how it works.

We do think about this all day everyday but we have a solid vision! In a few words….

Nekotopia is a blockchain enabled 2D social world/metaverse driven by a science fiction themed RPG. Nekotopian metaverse also comprises of interactive DApps, a gamified dex & other extended game environments such as a 3D MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) etc.
The Neko Genesis NFTs act as memberships for access to the Nekotopian metaverse & also double as playable characters within Nekotopian games ecosystem. This world is primarily visualised as a top-down pixelated open world (eg stardew valley), but the game narrative and lore enables multiple aesthetic environments (for eg MOBA 3D)

Q3)What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

We’re bringing two worlds together in their truest sense- gaming and NFTs. At the core of our NFT project is a world class Sc-fi RPG and a gamified DEX that provides actual value to participants and contributors to the game. This itself will produce network effects beyond the scope of typical NFT projects.

Key features that set us apart

- Multiple aesthetic enviroments (eg 2D pixel world & 3D) & game mechanics (eg RPG, MOBA, hyper casual gaming) are supported within the same ecosystem due to our game narrative. .

This also enables community based creators to contribute to the game.

- We will be producing AAA quality games as a response to the current game-fi dominant P2E industry.

Thereby not isolating the much wider gaming audience, while retaining the core NFT community.

- Innovation in the p2e scene with a high quality RPG that eventually enables true decentralisation by introducing in-game DAOs called guilds

Q4)What and all partnerships or marketing initiatives are you working now to help build awareness for your platform?

This is something we’ll be working throughout the lifecycle of this project.

We’re currently incubated by Ex network and few other experienced players in the gaming and NFT space, who have shipped multiple successful projects within this space and are guiding us every step of the way.

One our key pillars or long term vision is collaboration. We ourselves being community members of other established NFT projects, we will prioritise key partnerships right from the get go. With a couple of tricks up our sleeve {such as solving true interoperability} we’re excited to be creating new opportunities in this space.

Q5)Can you mention the future plans for ‘NEKOTOPIA’ and share us the roadmap for the coming quaters..?

As gamers and crypto enthusiasts, just like people in this room, we would like to see this space change for the better and would strive to push the needle along. We’re trying to achieve true decentralization and interoperability between NFT projects as a whole as a long term objective for the Nekotopian metaverse.

Here’s the current roadmap


- A strong team of 35+ individuals (includes a full stack game studio) has been established, to tackle the roadmap for the next couple of seasons of game deployment
- We’ve already began community building aspect of the launch through discord, twitter, reddit etc
- 10k NFTs along with a rarity algorithm has been completed using in house AI animation generator
- 3D versions of 10k Nekos to be used in the 3D MOBA
- Blueprint for ACT 1–3 has been completed (season 1)

Currently working on

- Quest modules for RPG
- Testnet for ACT 1
- Testnet for 3D MOBA (to be launched at the end of ACT 1)
- Native market place
- Rebranding place holder collateral like logo, website, UI UX etc
- Mint contracts & a comprehensive game economy



For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it is developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

We’re not dependent on game revenues for development. Over the course of last 5 years, though completely bootstrapped we have shipped over 25+ games (including AAA+ quality products) played by 50m+ people across the globe (daily active users 2M). We’re well equipped in terms of resources and experience in not only seeing projects through but also in realising their full scale and potential.

How the community chooses to reward us will not critically influence project deployment we have in store.


As you mentioned ‘Take your first steps into the Nekotopia by minting your Neko NFT. Your kitty is your access pass to this metaverse and is your playable character ‘ in the ecosystem’s games. How can we access kitty? Is it given free to every gamers while entering you platform?

At a base level we would encourage all gaming & NFT enthusiasts to mint genesis Nekos and realm pass to get started with the Nekotopian metaverse.

Apart from we will be designing the game in such a way that there are multiple functional DAOs that create incentives structures for creators, collaborators and curators

At a prelimimary stage, we will also open up ML spots to alpha and beta build test participants

Community driven scholarship programs will also be made available to gaming audiences as we progress along this journey.

We are also considering a free to play version of the game available to non-holders.


Many crypto projects believe in the importance of the community, but they actually do not care enough about the community. Did the #Nekotopia team really care about the community and create a motivating incentive and reward system?

We are primarily a gaming studio on the business front and gamers on a personal level before we can call ourselves an NFT project or NFT enthusiasts. Our game studio- BornMonkie has been actively making games over the past 5 years. That being said we understand the importance of community. Thats a core pillar of our long term vision

As mentioned previously, we do have incentive structures in place for community members and game testers who help us in building out this project to its full potential

Learning from the successes and FUDs of all the major NFT project we are optimizing our incentive strategies real time.

More updates on this to be released on our discord. Please head over to our server to know more


What types of NFTS will there be in @nekotopiaworld? Do we have to acquire our characters or avatar in NFT format to start playing the game? Or will there be a default character in the game that we have to equip with NFT items?

Nekotopia NFTs will follow a multi-drop format. NFTs will fall under the following categories- Genesis Nekos, Realm Passes, Items, Weapons, & lands.

To start playing the game 2 NFTs collections are vital. They are- Genesis Nekos & Realm Pass


How does @nekotopiaworld attract a large group of players? Most NFTs games currently have a low player base due to the high initial cost for a new player to participate in the game. List out some awesome features that set it apart from other platforms?

We’re bringing two worlds together in their truest sense- gaming and NFTs. At the core of our NFT project is a world class Sc-fi RPG and a gamified DEX that provides actual value to participants and contributors to the game.

This synergy between gamer adoption & NFT enthusiasts would lead to network effects beyond the scope of typical NFT projects.


Do you have an audit report? How can I trust your project? What strategies are you using to ensure customer safety? Where is 50% of the project nowadays in the hands of hackers? What would you say about this?

Our blockchain dev team have worked on multiple crypto projects that have been successfully audited and executed. Once we are through with our mint contracts, it will be a priority for us get them audited by a reputed 3rd party orgs like Certik.

We have also been keeping track of exploited projects extensively to gain insights on the source and solutions to these issues.

How can users join this project? Is there a channel with the local community where users can get the latest updates?fgd
1, YouTube channel
2, Website
3, Instagram
4, Discord
5, Twitter
6, Other_____

Officials Nekotopia Links

Main Website: (
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
Nekotopia Medium :
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Official Nekotopia Telegram:
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Official Nekotopia Community Chat :
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
Discord :
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Reddit :

I believe that staking the $NEKO token could reward users with “Dinger” benefits. Could you please explain the role of these “Dinger” in your game to us? What is the purpose of the “Dingers” and may they be sold in the market?

Our lore is heavily based on sci-fi themes. Central to this is the ‘schrodingers cat in a box’ a quantum mechanical thought experiment. The term dinger is an inspired version of the name Schrodinger. A theoretical container where multiple states of matter co-exist. The Dinger can be used to perform experiments on your Neko that allow you to create rarer and more powerful incarnations of your character, evolve your NFTs, and outdo your competition. Dinger shards can also be used to artifice or upgrade weapons & items.

Dingers are sustained by in game guilds. These community driven guilds could choose to trade dinger shards in the native marketplace!

How stable are the in-game economies in The Nekotopia? Is it intended to ensure that profits do not deteriorate with time, as many other play-to-earn games have? Will there be a burn-down method for The Unfettered’s token to reduce its supply?

this is a great Q

to maintain a deflationary economy, @nekotopiaworld has set priorities for the game mechanism. Some of these mechanisms are listed below

1. Multi-drop ecosystem involving NFTs and tokens- (reward tokens, genesis Nekos, items, weapons, dingers, passes etc
2. Interoperability between other NFT projects — enabling solid sinks and faucets
3. Creating a balance between p2e , pay2win mechanisms
4. Native Marketplace driven by $NEKO token
5. Deflationary AutoBurn with a long campaign arc
6. In built Gamified DEX that powers the economy of the entire ecosystem
7. Roadmapping sustainable decentralisation through in-game DAOs called guilds

Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

Yes, Nekotopia is stated to launch globally for audiences from across the world

Though the original story mode is built in english language, as we scale and see adoption from different regions and communities, we will definitely be looking at language localization along our roadmap

Cross-play between multiple devices will also be a priority for the Nekotopian Metaverse

Follow NEKOTOPIA here for latest updates;

Website: (
Telegram :


Group :
Channel :
Twitter :



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