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Date : 20th November 2021

Time : 3 PM UTC


Q1)How many people does DePocket leading team currently have?

Oh, you are so kind when would love to know about our foundation team

Hoang Le (CEO): INDUSTRY LEADING PROFESSIONAL IN THE ICT industry, specializing in IT with 7+ years in R&D related to Blockchain.

Nabi Klover (CMO): 8+ years in Digital Marketing & Cryptocurrency; Former Havas Global Agent, My Defi Pet.

Tuan Hoang (CTO): 5+ years experience in blockchain and software engineering

Huong Phung (CBO): Business development at KAOPIZ Corp. 7+ R&D experience in Blockchain;

Q2)Can you summarize the product feature in 1–2 sentences and its value for users?

The World of DeFi In your Pocket
Easily manage and optimally invest your Crypto assets across ALL DeFi platforms.

Q3)What is your mission when developing DePocket?

We driving into blockchain with the “Bring the Defi world to the real world” mission.

Q4)Can you explain “The World of DeFi In your Pocket” in detail?

I think that we join too much Defi platforms recently, right?
So, it takes time for users to connect & tracking their funds.

With the DePocket Platforms, user can track their assets on BSC chain such as Pancake, Alpaca… or SOL chain, ETH,… soon.
All IN ONE PLACE and super convenient!

Q5)Can you please summarize your all product feature for us?

I will explain each point, hope it can easier to understand

Manage portfolio; Real time PNL, Cash Flow Chart, Balance Tracking, Manage NFTs assets, Price fluctuation alert.

Multi-wallet management:
Tracking any wallet without password, Synced across devices; Add and manage multi-wallet, Watch/unwatch specific wallet.

Swap integration:
Make transactions on the Dex multi-platform, with the lowest gas fees.

Investment operation on multi-platform
Make decision with APY/APR ranking.
Easily invest with staking on the Depocket App.

Saving operations on multiple platforms:
Autofarming, auto staking, Stake depo and earn depo reward

More to come:
Onchain API for developers, Onchain Analytics. And mobile application.

Q6)Can you let us know about IDO information?

We will IDO on Oxbull

‘To join IDO on Oxbull: Oxbull have 3 tiers: 2 of 3 tiers will be allocate for OXB holder.
You need to hold the OXB to buy the DEPO token.

However we still have a tier for communities: -> whitelist program: it means that you don’t have to hold OXB token, but still get the ticket to join the IDO.

Q7)Can you throw some light into about How to get the ticket for whitelist program?

To get the ticket, you can join the whitelist competition.

We will pick 500 luckies people to give them tickets

Gleam Link:

Q8)Regarding the winner list, do they guaranteed to buy the token?

1 more thing: Initial market cap only $49k; Fully Diluted Market Cap only $5M
-> take your advantage

Q9)What about NFT APY, plan after IDO?

At this time, DePocket help you to track the token farming/staking APY in a rank. Not the NFT.

However, The ranking of NFT staking APY is a good idea. We will consider about it.

We also partner with some GameFi project to help their user can manage, tracking their NFT/Hero.


can we swap cross chain? e.g: I have token on BSC chain, can I swap on Eth chain?

We are researching for the best security crosschain swaping feature.
As I say with Nabi in the reply above. It is our big goal.

I wonder if Depocket could be hacked? How did the team handle it?

It is a good question.
This is our big goal.
So we are researching for the best security cross-chain swapping and an investment feature. And we will prepare well for this feature. Something as below.
- Self Audit the smart-contract code with the security check bot.
- Audit the smart contract by the partner with Certik as we did.
- Also, we try our best to partner with some Insurance platforms for the SAFU.

Can you give us a audited link?

This is the link for the Certik audit. You can check here! 👉

Is there a minimum investment limit and a minimum withdrawal when investing in DePocketFinance?

We don’t hold your fund. We are developing the features as the router to help you invest on many DeFi protocols in one DePocket platform. So the limit is based on the Protocol that you will route on.

I really still don’t quite understand how my NFT assets will be viewable on DePocket. Can you give an example that is easier to understand?

Thank you, you can view the real feature at

Has our project been audited?

Of course, our project has been rigorously audited before launching to users. So you can use DePocket with complete peace of mind

What makes the DePocket feature better than other similar websites?

Thank you for your question.
- We are building a powerful indexing engine to stream aggregate the data from the blockchain. By that, we give you the fastest experience on our website when you track your crypto assets.
- Also we are developing to be the first All in one Defi platform to help you track and invest in Solana.
- So many features will be released soon to help you easily drive to the Defi world. It is better than other similar websites.

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