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First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when you have started? How did you get involved in the crypto? What’s your role in Libra?

Hello👋 I am Ijas from Libra marketing team here to attend the AMA session with your respective community.

The Libra Ecosystem is a block- chain based platform builds for providing solutions to current problems and for the betterment of ecommerce business. It will help businesses to find investors, venderse generate more revenue, and users do transaction through cryptocurrency in a safe environment. The platform will utilize Libra coins and Libra wallet.

We built something unique with blockchain technology that will transfer the ecommerce world and business. From finding investors to investment lifecycle, and from data security to digital payment, the libra Ecosystem has all covers.


Q1) At a very high level, can you please give us a brief description of what the Libra project is about?

As we said libra ecosystem is a blockchain based platform for providing solns to current problem and for the betterment of ecommerce business .
About blockchain there is a good news. As you all know libra is based on erc 20 blockchain network . Libra is going to be added in bep 20 blockchain network . Its working is ongoing now and you will be seeing it in some days 😊.
Bep 20 network has many advantages like low transaction fee , easy transactions , secure , easy for many developments …

Moreover libra will launch own blockchain in the future . Launching blockchain R&D centre is in the roadmap of libra ecosystem.

Mainly we are listing in international exchange on 2nd august that is tomorrow so stay tuned

Q2)Can you share us the Tokenomics and tokensales details of the project??

Our Tokenomies are preparing and almost in process also soon you’ll be able to see our Whitepaper and website in new look as we’re upgrading whole platform. As of now you can check our token distribution from Whitepaper.

Q3) Can you tell us some about your team and their experiences in the market?

Our company has 2 types of development Team. One is working from India and another one is from Georgia and UAE to faster the developmen and development manager is from india .They’re very experienced and professional in this field .
They have almost 5–7 years experience minimum and maximum 12 years in Cryptocurrency field.

Co- founder — Kathy Marlow.
CMO- Iriana Nazarova.
Digital Marketer- Mohsin Qureshi.

Q4) What are you looking most forward to doing in Libra?

At the moment we’re looking to list new exchange, after listing we’ll gradually launch Products one after another. At the moment our one of the product LCPay wallet is already available in play store:

Our team are working on the many products like LC pay , E- Commerce etc Other companies are taking steps in a particular of the ecommerce business model. Libra is aiming to be supportive of each and every part of the ecommerce business model. So it will create a trustable environment for sellers and users. The integration process is easy and it is easy for all while keeping the costing as low as possible.AHAMMADALI | CryptoClub

Q5) Can you provide some progress on your Roadmap and what are your aims in next 2 years? Where Libra will be after 2 or 5 years according to your roadmap?

Libra own Wallet and Dex(Decentralised exchange) named LC pay. Development for this almost completed and 70% work was done 30% remaining . We have this application in play store already just will be enable for use after listing and DMT ready.

According to our roadmap we will lauch these things within 2years and our dev team are working on it. 👇👇

1- Launching the blockchain R&D center.
2-Launch wallet and Exchange for ios & android.
3-Lauch libra QR code payment system
4-Launching online E- shop
5- Launching Libra to fiat Exchange
6- Release of Libra credit card
7- Launching libra’s ATM machine.


FROM @sanosh69

Q1)Did you conduct an audit for your project, and what security, measure did you put in place as insurance, in case of possible security comprise?

We are listing in international exchange on 2nd august that is tomorrow . Also we’re ISO certified and having valid license with us. You can also check website for more reference. We’re listing in Certik and contract made already you’ll see Certik certificate within First week of September most probably.

The risk management policies we’re using at the moment is keeping investors fund in cold wallet to safe all the investments and the credits granted by our platform is investor’s fund are totally insured and our servers also monitored 24/7 by separate team for several attacks by hacker.

From @8cdc51809b964ad

Q2) What are the main differances between the LIBRA token and other currency. released token? How do LIBRA token holders and users get passive income?

Libra tokens is a utility tokens with its various utilities. It’ll be used in all platforms Libra going to launch such as Libra Decentralized Exchange, LCPay wallet, Ecommerce shopping. All of these will utilise LC more and more and eventually it’ll increase the value and demand for LC. LC is listing in exchange at 0.5$ and the ICO price was 0.35$ so once all the products launching done it’ll use LC more in all the platform and one of the real usecases Products from LibraEcosystem is our E-commerce platform.

In today’s current situation and by seeing current problems we’re introducing our E-commerce platform by integrate Crypto as payment option so nowadays everyone use E-commerc platform and almost everyone know about Cryptocurrency. By visiting E-commerc platform more people will aware about LC and know as a Cryptocurrency then many people research deeply about Cryptocurrency so it might be another adoption and more new comers to Join Libra and with Cryptocurrency Investment. This will directly promote Libra. Our rest of the products will also work same way. If it’s E-commerce then non Crypto will get connected and those who’re already in Cryptocurrency may use our Wallet, exchange simply it’s a combo of everything. One platform many services

From @toliptok

Q3)Issuing tokens is currently a fairly straightforward procedure. But the most difficult thing is to build the system & ecosystem. So, How will the demand for tokens grow, and how will the $LibraEcosystem tokens be used in the ecosystem?

Yes , the ecosystem of a project is very important for the long term development . For that we are developing a great community with good interactions within it . Interconnection with each other will achieve a lot . We also have great support from libra devs team .
For our communities and others we are decided to conduct many programs , campaigns , events etc..
Also we are looking forward to the development of our upcoming projects and the implementation of them . Lc pay ,one of our project is already now available in the playstore is in the last stage of development and will be established in the near future . Our various other projects like online e shops , libra credit card , atm machine , own blockchain etc..are also developing and will be implemented soon . Our devs team are planning many innovative ideas to bring into the community and project 😊

People usually like to get some incentives by making purchases or get extra benefits or cash back so usually we’re giving some loyalty or incentives to get them on board and for maximum use. By using our platform you’ll get some benefits in all the stages even if it’s exchange, wallet or E-commerce. It’ll not only encourage them to use more but also utilise our LC whole ecosystem

Besides this through loyalty program we will get more number genuine coin holder.
Our focus is to increase the holders so once we have higher number of holder we will have higher number of users of our platform.
Which will eventually result in more trnasactions and at the same time higher demand. This will help to increase the value of the coin which will be beneficial for all.

From @Albertjaison2

Q4)One of the features of Libra that got me very excited is the concept of bringing Blockchain to the eCommerce sector. I do much appreciate, if you could tell us how Blockchain can be increasingly useful in the decentralized commerce infrastructure?

Blockchain in the development segment is being widely used as a storage system. Just like database in the traditional development work.
Since the blockchain is decentralised it is way more secured then the typical database.
Hence all the transactions made would be more secured.

This will add to the security in terms of informations , payments and all type of transactions.

From @tuan_iker

Q5)Could you provide some details about your ROADMAP and TARGET in 2021 and 2022? How do you plan to attract and gain more users for your project, any giveaway, referral or stacking program?

In upcoming we are working on many products & API it will help us to grow up our LC price. Our main motive to list in a major exchange and we are thrilled to say that LC will list on 2nd august that is tomorrow in international exchange and looking forward to list on other major exchanges .

Our team are working on these things

●Launching the blockchain R&D center.
●Launch wallet and Exchange for ios & android.
● Lauch libra QR code payment system
●Launching online E- shop
● Launching Libra to fiat Exchange
● Release of Libra credit card
● Launching libra’s ATM machine.

Regarding staking , libra will officially launch staking soon with good benefits. Staking is developing in our website and will be implemented soon. Campaigns , events , programs …will be there with great rewards in the coming days . Stay alert and inspect our community groups inorder to not avoid those 😊


Can you tell us about your “LISTING” plan?
Will it involve major exchanges, such as “CEX and DEX”.
If Yes, also what Type of Partnership are you looking for and what Value will LIBRA COIN provide?

Besides this I would like to inform everyone as you know listing confirmed and we’re going to list 2nd August in XT when our deposit will open however still we have 3 days including today so if we even announce swaping on Monday you won’t face any issue while swapping as after swaping you’ll have enough time to deposit as trading will live 3rd August.

Please check this post and read article everything mentioned there.

Can you provide me with a link where I can stay a little more informed about the news to follow up and thus be aware of the various updates of your project?

Our team are working with some market initiatives to build awareness of our platform and we will doing partnerships with Certik soon & we have ISO certification, Universal Records Forum and Georgia license also valid company number. We are trying to get legal certificate from Singapore but now we are focusing to build up the price now and we have just partnerships with market initiatives to build awareness of project and soon it will known by everyone. Other companies are taking steps in a particular of the ecommerce business model. Libra is aiming to be supportive of each and every part of the ecommerce business model. So it will create a trustable environment for sellers and users. The integration process is easy and it is fruitful for all while keeping the costing as low as possible.

There are a number of benefits to the Libra Ecosystem that attracts more users to our platform. The Ultimate solution for business suffering from no investor, Offering Cryptocurrency as a payment option is easier than ever, Lower cost product or services due to the lower tx fee, Transfer money instantly, Profitable for each and every party engaged on the platform, Decentralized system.

Do you have any YouTube channel, or website for this project?
-From where we can learn something?☺️

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